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                About Us

                     Jiangyin chaoyang photovoltaic co.,LTD was set up in Jiangyin City,a beautiful city that lies alongside Yangze River and is flourishing with developed private-owned enterprises.Jiangyin sits to the south of Shanghi\Nanjing Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway,to the east of Wuxi-Jangyin Expressway and Along-river Expressway.The location realizes a very convenient transportion with 1km from the company to the entry of Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway,and 8km to the entry of Nanjing –Taicang (Along-river) Expressway.
                     We ara a high –tech company that deals with the R&D,production and sales of solar-related prouucts .A team of highly qualified technicians and administrators servefou the company with a company concept believing that seience and technology is power and surviving lies on quality.The products are integrated with worldwide advanced design,optimized management,exquisite technology and professional sernice.
                     At present,we produce mainly the aluminum-alloy frame of solar battenries (and the subassemblies).With the advanced cutting equipments from extrusion production to frame machining,we have an annual production capacity of 4 millon sets of aluminum-alloy frames in various specifications.t.The main series of products are processed with oxidizing and shot blaseries .We supply to many big manufacturers producing solar subassemblies and thy are satisfied with our products and service.Our plant is run under the Quallity Mansgement System ISO9001.We improve continuously the technique and qualllity to cater to the demand of environmental friendly and energy saving products in the market..
                     Top products ,top service and favorable price has always been our policy to run the business.We will constantly cooperate and assist you with our reputation and devotin ,modest and progressive attitude .We believe that we will be your trust-worthy partner.

                About Us
                Contact Us
                Contact Jam Yi
                Tel: +86 0510 8697 8153
                Fax: +86 0510 8697 8152
                E-Mail: Yi. Jamv@gmail.com
                Add:1-2 Lixiangli, Zhouzhuang Village, Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China.
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